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Buzz & Pixie started this NEW magazine, called "The Buzzzzz Rag" a year and a half ago.


Years ago, magazines and newspapers were called "rags." Roll one up, carry it in you pocket and maybe wipe up leaky oil on the ground from your motorcycle or car?


We have been publishing the 68 page, ALL COLOR mag, with classy motorcycles for sale, old road tests and stories for over two years.  We just finished issue #26.  It is a FUN read!  Cover to cover!


If you have not seen a copy, just call Pixie or Buzz at 630 / 985-2097and they will be glad to send you a FREE one!


A 12-month/ 12-issue subscription is just $ 25.00, and entitles you to run a FREE COLOR PHOTO ad ANYTIME you want to!  Give us a call. . .


Click image to order!


Click play button to view Roadog DVD trailer!