Some are on glossy paper as the “48 Pan Chopper”, “With my Indian” and are noted in the description. All others are printed on the same heavy stock as the original race posters.

Poster prices

(We can only put up to 5-posters in one heavy-duty tube. 6 or more posters will be $ 12.00 shipping & handling.)

When ordering, please use the poster name to identify which ones you want.

Posters are different from our murals.  Posters are printed on heavy stock and many have color.  Murals are black and white and are much larger in size, hence the different pricing.

With my Indian

"With my Indian" Gorgeous Indian Chief, flanked by two “Playboy playmates of the-year”.  Susie Simpson and Tylinn Johns.

Glossy stock.  Size: 24” x 33”

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Sergeant Gibson

“Sergeant Gibson “ An old family photo, recently found. This was Pixie’s father. 

Taken in Maywood, Illinois about 1947.

Size: 22” x 34”

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Clark County Fairgrounds

"Springfield. Ohio"

Clark County Fairgrounds, in Springfield, Ohio.  This is a 1952 copy of an original poster I have, bearing a postmark date of 1952.  Motorcycle races are still held there, as well as 4-Walneck’s swap meets annually.

Size: 22” x 28”

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Windy City Cary

“Windy City M/C Club” Hill climb, in Cary , Illinois.  Circa 1929.  Notable riders were Joe Petralli ( who later was the flight engineer with Howard Hughes on the infamous    “Spruce Goose” airplane.), Swede Anderson, Squibby and more.

Size: 22” x 27” No longer avail. in this size.   - * Order 11" x 14" only

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“1948 Whizzer ad”. They were just $ 97.55.  Through the years it has been estimated that they built about 250,000 kits and bikes.  Maybe you had one too.

Size: 22” x 32”

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The will to win!

    “The Will to Win”. Taken in Sweden, about 1960, this racer went on to win the event aboard his BSA Gold Star.  Recently at Davenport, we spoke to a Swedish guy who was there as a kid and remembers that race.

Size: 16-1/2” x 21-1/2”

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Gary Nixon

    “Gary Nixon” at Ascot in 1967.  The famous Mahoney photo.  We make this very much enlarged print of Gary having fun. Glossy paper.

Size: 26” x 35”

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When I grow up!    
“When I grow up “.  We found this small photo at an estate sale.  Focus was probably done on a glass plate, as we were able to enlarge so much, as still have minute details visible. The round tool-box on this Harley wouldi ndicate about 1925. It says “sheriff” on the front fender, and the lad is wearing a badge with number “ 1 “ on it.

Size: 19” x 34”

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Life's Journey

“Life’s Journey”. What a great thing to read and read over and over.

Size: 22” x 34

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Kenton Ohio


“Kenton, Ohio”  1973, reprinted from an original one that I have.

Size: 21” x 34”

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Norton Shore Hill

Norton Shores, Michigan better known as Muskegon. This is from an original of about 1970.  Hill climbs are still held there, every other year.

Size: 21” x 34”

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Santa Fe Speedway

“Santa Fe Speedway # 1”. Santa Fe was in Willow Springs (Chicago suburb) as a race track from 1950 – 1993.  They had the “National short track”, also ½-miles, motorcycles, car demolitions, outlaw sprint cars, Camel Pro series, midget races, TT cycle races, and even camel


(real ones) and ostrich races. All the big name cycle racers were there Nixon, Resweber, McHenry, Keen, Freddy Nix, Digger Helms, Koplinski, Tanner and I think Roberts too.  I grew up at that place as a kid watching races every Wednesday nite.  This is the actual sign from out in front.  It hangs in my garage.

Size: 21” x 34”

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Pan Chopper

“1948 Pan Chopper “. This professional photo was taken in a studio for a graphics, open house at a large printing company.  It is of a bike I owned for several years. Someone else built it, but it’s clean Chopper look with minimal changes give it a clean look. Stock rear fender was welded, and rotated. Many people ask where I got that fender.

Glossy paper. Size: 24” x 36”

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“Heidelberg, PA” - This has been blown up from an original I have, that still has a 1952 postmark on the back. It had been folded, and had some water stains on the edges.  I just left them on in the prints, as they look better that way.

Size:  21” x 28”

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Dodge City

“Dodge City, Kansas” - This is from about 1954, and one of the favorites.

Size:  21” x 34”

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Santa Fe Speedway

“Santa Fe # 2”.  An enlargement of one of the race poster you could get there, or get from a lamp pole on the way to the races on Wolf road.

Size: 21” x 34”

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Easy Rider

  "Easyrider" - Classic movie shot with Peter Fonda and Dennis Hopper

Size: 24"X36"

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"THE BOYS" - Taken about 1947. This is Pixie's father on the motorcycle Black & White.

Size: 22"X31"

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"Road Dog" - New size, and on thick poster stock. Great gift size!

Size: 12-1/2" X31"

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1959 Triumph T120



"1969 Triumph T-120 Bonneville"
Full color, on very heavy glossy paper stock.    Taken in a nice Winter setting in front of my house.

Size: 16" X 22"


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Triumph Custom


"Triumph Bobber Custom"
Glossy paper stock, full Color.

Size: 20" X 24"

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"Champion " - Old Champion Spark Plug Poster.
Size: 20"X28"

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